Monday, December 8, 2008

17 hour countdown....

in 17 hours, i will do the thing that i enjoy least in the world. i will board a plane and fly.

but when i touch down (as opposed to crash and burn, i hope)...i will be in the land of the manhattanites. my favorite city in the world (thus far) - though i haven't been to paris or rome or madrid yet - will once again welcome me with open arms. this time i go sans husband, which will be a rather new experience.

my best friend got tickets to see chicago tomorrow night on broadway. yes peeps - a little later then this time tomorrow evening, i will be watching a broadway play. i'm sure you can imagine my excitement.

on friday night, i will also get to see my other closest friend from vet school. she's doing her internship across the bay in new jersey. she's coming into the city for dinner and hanging out on the town.

it's going to be so great to get away from this state for a while, to get away from pets and responsibility, litterboxes, bird cages, vacuuming, my job and thoughts of my job. i'll be away in the land of tiffany's and rockefeller center and the empire state building.

i'm sooooooo much that i'm almost not fretting about flying. almost.

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