Friday, December 26, 2008

the life and inanities contained therein

here are some non-veterinary lighten the mood a bit:

1) we dropped sprint like a hot potato. sure, i enjoy having no to 1 bars in my house at all times, as well as getting about 50% of my voicemail (where the other 50% goes is anyone's guess. the ether?)...but it was time for a switch. we are now with verizon. and yay, i got a new phone that i keep playing with (an EnV2). hopefully it'll be a few months before i drop it in a) the toilet b) a cup of coffee c) a large glass of water or d) throw it at the windshield in an absolute fit of PMS-induced rage

2) i gave up reading atlas shrugged for the time being. i'm about 250 pages in. i really like it, and i'm intrigued. i just can't bring myself to finish it. i did go back and finish reading 'the last days of dogtown' - which turned out to be fantastic and tear-inducing. i really enjoyed it. i was reminded of diamant's other book i read, 'the red tent.' it took me a bit to get into it, but it was incredibly rewarding. same with dogtown. i highly recommend it.

3) i'm a total and complete music snob. i like prog rock and obscure music. has become my favorite internet music browser, and i buy independent music from emusic. i'm recently addicted to for against and interpol (they've been around a while). all that said, i can't help but admit that i'm totally infatuated with the new and totally idiotic britney spears song (womanizer) and pink's anti-marriage anthem (so what?). "yes, hello. my name is catherine. i have been clean and sober from terrible pop for all of 30 seconds. i'm back off the wagon." ***Sigh*** at least i own up to my problem.

4) i'm doing relief work next week at another local clinic (haven't been to this one yet). the pay is only $38/hr instead of the $45-50 i'm accustomed to...but i want to work, and i'm getting a new computer (YAY!), so i need to finance it.

5) the credit card is really and truly paid off. now our debt merely consists of student loans. merely. hahahahahahaha.

6) i've been firmly offered a position next year at my current place of work. i haven't decided what to do. one moment i'm squarely 100% committed to taking it. the next second, i'm totally against it. look for a pro/con list coming to a post near you soon.

7) the husband has been mistaken for the actor gale harold (jackson from desperate housewives) at least 3 times this week, including today at verizon. i've seen pictures, and the similarity is astounding and uncanny. we're trying to figure out how to use this to our advantage.

8) mike wasowski has become firmly entrenched in the household cat-ranking. apparently, she will be staying with us permanently. damn cute kittens. i think 5 cats borders on mentally unstable.

9) i got new perfume (in gel form) from my mom for xmas. i was thrilled, because it was the perfume i wanted. when i went to work, my boss and sometime mentor was also wearing the same perfume. thus, i used some xmas money to buy another perfume. the techs already refer to me as her "mini-me".

10) while home for xmas, i watched a BBC miniseries with my MIL called 'north & south' - it was ridiculously addictive and ridiculously good and rather like jane austen, with a twist.

i guess that's all here for the moment. look for more self-centered posts ... oh wait. they're all self-centered.

peace out, yo.

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tell hubby its the hair.