Thursday, October 2, 2008

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

so, in the interest in paying off the small credit card debt that we have from moving - i'm working at a day clinic tomorrow and saturday and then again on october 14. i'm getting paid $50 an hour. i'm looking forward to it, because it'll be a totally new experience for me. stressful - i'm sure - but in a totally different way than emergency medicine.

i have to bone up on dermatology tonight because 1) i rarely see much derm in the ER line of work and 2) i freakin' hate dermatology and could care less about mange, fleas, and pyoderma. unfortunately, dermatology accounts for a large percentage of general practice. that and dentistry. bleh. two things i hate more than anything else in this world.

i saw some interesting cases this week, as well as some downright depressing ones...i guess i'll post a selection here shortly. right now, i need to hit the bank, clean my house, and make a chicken pot pie for dinner.

*as a weird sidenote: there was a head technician meeting at work yesterday while i was there for journal club rounds. afterwards, the hospital administrator/criticalist came up to me and told me that i am the technicians favorite intern to work with. WTF? one of the technicians told me the same thing after the meeting. how's that for news of the weird?

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Tayaki said...

i think it's great that you're the technicians' favorite intern. that means a lot. where i was working this summer the technicians were a great support group for me. they obviously had a lot more experience than i did and were always *gently* there to suggest i made a mistake on something. from the posts you've written you always come across very passionate about your cases and i'm sure they appreciate that. keep up the good work! :)