Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a GP's life for me?

i did relief work again - at another local clinic. i must say - it was relaxing, it was fun, it wasn't all life or death and WTF is wrong with this patient? and what fluid rate? and how much of this drug can i give with this drug...both of which have serious side effects but must be given to save this dying animal?? nope. i also didn't have a single vaccine appointment today. i had some skin (ick ! but it's becoming more tolerable). i had a mass that looked like a mast cell tumor but on cytology was not. i had a cancer staging with a boxer that had mast cell tumors (different patient)...it was an all around relaxing day. i really enjoyed it.

i got to work at 8:30am and left at 5pm. no staying after work, doing oodles of paper work and calling referring vets and checking on my terribly ill patients. i made $400. it's a pretty sweet life, i have to say. and it leaves room for things like children and a social life...and pursuits i would again like to pursue (riding, notably).


oh yes, i've already decided to forego the residency next year - for myriad reasons which i will elucidate some other time. i need a nap before the local veterinary med meeting tonight at a swanky restaurant.

is a GP's life for me??

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