Thursday, October 23, 2008

anonymous RE:drug testing

ok, first of all - i don't even understand your comment. it seems that you think i had to do drug testing for research? what i'm talking about is being randomly selected for a drug test for myself - to see if i'm using marijuania or ketamine or cocaine. and i don't think i'm superior to people. i have no problem with people working at mcdonald's. but i DON'T think that as a doctor - i should have to go sit in a clinic with people on parole, people who were drunk or high on the job, and take a drug test just because my employer wants to claim a drug free work-place. i don't know a single other doctor - DVM or MD that has to do that. that may be elitist of me, for which i will not apologize. it's how i feel. it was insulting. i kow doctors are prone to drug use as much (if not more so) than the average person - but i still object. hell - i object on behalf of the person that works at mcdonald's too. if you show up sober, do your job, and go home -why is it your employer's business what you do at home??

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