Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the residency question rears its ugly head

and here we are again - same place i was last year - albeit now an intern rather than a fourth year vet student.

to do a residency or to forego the residency?

there are many, many reasons to do one. there are many, many reasons not to do one.

reasons for:
1) i want to go 110% with my education. i want the extra letters and recognition of specializing.
2) i'm smart enough to do it and do it well (sorry, but it's true).
3) i want to be a specialist.
4) i love academia (sick as that sounds).
5) i'll be in demand (as an emergency specialist (criticalist) or an internal medicine specialist).
6) i want to do it.

reasons against:
1) i'm almost 30. i would like to have children eventually.
2) there is more to life than veterinary medicine (like seeing my siblings and parents and in-laws
3) it's 3 more years of hard, hard work (long days, long nights...)
4) i'm afraid that i'll become consumed by my job and that's never where i saw myself heading.
5) i take everything really hard now...as a specialist - i can only see it getting worse.

any thoughts?


all but 1 said...

hahaha, hehehe, hohoho, snork, sigh, ummm ... sorry - just a little hysterical laughter. Anyway, welcome to my world (although I'm alas past 30 and already had the kids). You could do what I'm planning, which is to apply and go interview, and then wait until right before the deadline to decide if you really want to do it or not - that gains you an extra 2 months to figure it out.

Freaking dreams colliding with life ...

Amy said...

Why do you have to wait on finishing stuff to have kids?? As one person put it... if you wait till everything to ready you'll never have kids... even Dave Ramsey the finance guru says that is the only thing that he tells people not to put off or wait for till their "financially" ready is to have kids. And why does it have to be one or the other? you could always have kids now and do the academia thing later if you're worried about the age thing. It just depends on what you and the hubby want more/first.... just a thought