Tuesday, September 16, 2008

no news is good news...

my schedule this week was exceedingly strange. i've been off for 6 days (during which i went home with my husband - spent 2 days with my best friend and brother-in-law and went to a scorching hot but fun home football game) - then i worked 2 days (today, yesterday)...and now i'm off again for 6 days. this is obviously not the norm. usually i work 7-8 days, have 3-6 days off, then work again. i kinda dug it. 2 days on 6 off. who can complain?

sunday was an actually slow day. sundays are usually unbridled chaos but yesterday came in small, manageable bursts. nothing that we couldn't handle. today was a typical monday (i worked the 12p-12a shift). slow during the day - i helped with internal medicine cases and busier at night.

i saw a very interesting case of a 2 year old kitty with fluid in her chest. i'll blog more about that later (case is still open, at the moment).

not much else is occurring in my life that would garner much interest. i got to see my parents and my brothers and niece for a bit on friday night. this involved my mother slaughtering the fatted calf (and fatted rotisserie chicken, too). we all had a nice dinner. it was very relaxing to go home. i wish i could have stayed longer. i might go this week sometime - but there's another home game on saturday which we are definitely attending (our biggest rival)...so the likelihood that i'll go home is slim.

i continue to pursue excellence in guitar hero. i can now finish a single song on expert level (the killers: when you were young). i've watched a few movies here and there. i re-watched the original batman with michael keaton. it's tim burton - which i love. the movie itself...eh...didn't love so much. certainly not as much as batman begins or the dark knight. i do have to acknowledge that it's a classic, no matter how bad.

i've been trying to read. i'm feeling very motivated, so i've picked up ayn rand's 'atlas shrugged' - i loved 'the fountainhead' - and i've heard atlas is better...so we'll see. i'm also sort of reading gone with the wind again (a personal favorite).

at work: i'm finding an equilibrium of sorts. my perfectionist tendencies have not waned. i've had extremely positive feedback from my mentors - encouragement to do a residency (hazy on that decision). i think my working relationships are improving. all in all - i'm just less...self-conscious about everything. happier, dare we say?

ok...off to sleep. i have to get up and go talk to a client tomorrow despite being off work.

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