Wednesday, May 14, 2008


so predictably, graduation has been somewhat traumatic. you can want something, yearn towards it, and still have trouble accepting it when the reality arrives. hooding itself was rather anti-climactic and frazzling. my grandparents came from florida, my in-laws from east of here, my parents, my siblings (all 4 of them), and my 2 best friends also came. it was very busy. i felt like i saw everyone and talked to no one for more than 30 seconds. the whole affair was very rushed and chaotic. but i was still grateful that i got to see everyone - as briefly as i did. and it was immensely gratifying to see and be reminded of my support system so tangibly. i am very lucky.

i haven't been doing much with myself since i graduated. moping around and feeling lost. this morning, i snapped out of that. i had a productive day - getting all of my licensure information in line and ready to mail, going to the bank, dry cleaners, and whatnot. i spent a few hours at barnes and noble reading cookbooks and other fiction. i stole 2 recipes which i tried my hand at tonight: kentucky okra, tomato, and corn stew and baked cheese olive balls. the stew was too sweet for my tastes - but the husband enjoyed it. i liked the olive balls a great deal - little flaky balls of cheesy and olive-y goodness. it was a simple recipe too. i also made a rump roast. it was quite decadent. tomorrow i'm going to try something with the yummy looking pineapple i purchased.

i finally finished ian mcewan's 'atonement' - not for lack of wanting to do so. it's been living at my brother's residence ever since the baby was born. i went and babysat for them the other day, spending 2 hours with my adorable niece while they grocery shopped. i also reclaimed the book and finished reading it. mcewan is an undeniably talented writer, but i never connect with his characters. i understand them in the abstract, their feelings, their torments...i can almost empathize with them but not quite. that lack of empathy is what always leaves me cold about his books. although both it and 'enduring love' were good.

i'm reading "better: a surgeon's notes on performance." it's riveting. it also really makes me want to write a book about vet school. the author's writing style is evocative and reminds me of my own. his stories - though dealing with human patients - are very familiar. it's a best-seller. if people like it so much, perhaps a book on veterinary medicine will be as popular. after all, everyone i meet is fascinated and/or inquisitive about my profession. i can't count how many people have told me "i wanted to be a veterinarian."

oh and as a nice graduation gift, my in-laws are giving us their older mercedes M class SUV. it's not really a car that's for us. with gas prices what they are and the large tires that probably cost a tad more than my ford escort's. but it's in great shape, well-taken care of, and it will be my commuting from home to work car. so the gas shouldn't be bad. a big shout-out to the in-laws for thinking of us. pretty soon i hope that we won't need hand-me downs anymore - but until then - thanks and we love you:)

oh, the video i have posted in the sidebar is from our senior roast. watch it - it's pretty dang good. we made it as a farewell/homage to vet school. the whole thing is filmed in the main corridor of the good 'ole UTCVM and the prep room (anesthesia). those are my classmates. and how i'll miss them (contrary to what i once thought). the goofy and talented blonde in 80s get-up lip syncing is dr gordon (how weird to say that). she was the brains behind the whole thing - and it turned out smashingly. i'm not in the video (but my 2 best friends are - the girl in the cowboy hat - deb, and the blonde with pigtails - alisha), i slept through it because i was on overnights. i am featured heavily in the true roast video, where we made fun of our clinicians, interns, and residents, as well as the grueling road that is vet school in general (read: lots of laughing at how awful the barn is). however, that's not posted on youtube yet. if it is, i'll add it here so that ya'll can make fun of my terrible (read: lacking) acting skills.


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