Sunday, May 25, 2008

busy as the proverbial one-legged man

to say i've been busy would be an understatement of massive proportions. i redid my new chair, and then i got super-zealous and redid my dresser. it was a ton of work, it took 2 days of concentrated effort. the "good" thing was it started raining early saturday morning. as a result, i moved the yard sale into the carport. it worked out well, because i could work on the dresser while people shopped. it was also hot as blazes sitting in the direct sun. the temperature itself was only about 80 degrees, but sitting right under the sun...i was cooking. i have a nice tan now. however - i was closely eyeing my skin this morning whilst showering. not because i'm superficial, but because i was trying to scrape the 4 colors of paint on my body off of it. i noticed that after getting tan in the sun, my skin looks a little rough. it's easier to see fine lines.

oh and between all this painting and yard sale fun, i've been showing the house to prospective renters (for my landlord) and packing and cleaning constantly. i'm tired (as evidenced by my four hour, flat-out nap today).

we made around $200 at the yard sale (i'm very motivated to get rid of crap). we still have a fair amount that needs to be sold, so i think we'll be making a big donation to salvation army. jim also sold an old kayak that has been taking up space in the basement with the ones he does use. we got $200 for it and $20 for an old skirt. so yay! money to help us move.

we did brunch this morning. spectacular as usual (at our local trendy hippie spot - tomatohead). tomorrow, we're going home in the evening for a memorial day bbq. ya'll have ANY concept of how glad i am to be OUT of vet school FOREVER??

sorry about the before dresser picture - the camera battery was dead before i started working, and i was so eager to start - i didn't want to wait. so that's alison (my bff) modeling the dresser in my blue dress. the before picture of the chair is one post down. i think i've found a new hobby.

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