Monday, November 26, 2007

second verse, same as the first.

the nex week is going to be fantastic. and by fantastic, i mean AWFUL.

the wedding this past weekend was fabulous. everything was gorgeous, it went off with only a minor hitch or two (AWOL hair dresser, last minute hair scramble, etc). we had a great time, and i got to see my family - both of them. a little anyway. there was much to do and a very short time in which to do it all. schlepping back and forth between the families proved difficult, and i didn't get to see much of my blood relatives. hopefully that will be remedied over christmas...but we'll see. money money money - always money.

and our football team won - in a spectacular 4 OT game - and they're off to the division championship! whoo. i didn't get to watch the game - as it coincided with the wedding, however - i did have a handheld radio which i kept at close hand throughout (including the reception) so that i might hear the results of the game. since pretty much every native in our state is a football fan, it was no surprise that when we erupted into cheers during the reception over our precarious win that the DJ broke into our rousing and well-known (and despised) fight song.

the 2 black furballs went to live with my parents. mom and dad lost their 8 year old cat to acute renal failure a few months ago and have been lonely ever since. i had planned on giving them the male kitten, but when they saw the mittens together - they couldn't resist. so both kittens are now gone. i'm a little sad, i'd gotten used to my little shadows.

anesthesia ends in a week. i also take my board exam in 1 week. between now and then, i have 2 ICU duty nights. that means i arrive at school around 7:30am and stay till midnight. i hate ICU duty (as i might have previously mentioned). and i'm stressing a bit about my licensing exam - since i was at school very late this evening and will be again tomorrow and thursday. this month has been jam-packed - and i haven't prepared as much as i'd like. fortunately, i'm coming up on my 2 week "vacation." most of you will recall that i elected to end my externship early and come home from florida. so i'm making up those 2 weeks over vacation. however, i don't start until next tuesday, after i take my board exam. so i have a three day weekend during which to cram cram cram cram.

i'm excited about my externship. it's at a critical care/emergency/referral hospital about an hour and a half away. i think it's going to be a great experience. it's close enough that i can come home, if the need arises. after it's over, i have 2 weeks of christmas vacation. then it's january - and i have a mere four rotations left!

as for the internship vs. job front - i go back and forth every single day. i'm still officially in the matching program - as i've finished all of the application materials, had letters of rec sent, and have finally finished and sent my CV and letter of intent. now all that's left to do is determine if i actually want to go through with it or not. can i still be a good doctor without it? i cannot decide how much of my desire to do an internship is based on an actual need to do it versus an insane drive/competitiveness to prove that i can. argh. every single day brings a new twist and a new consideration and a new lack of decision-making. oh well. i have until jan 18.

i'm breaking the rule of my blog and posting pictures of the wedding. they'll come down in fairly short order, but in the meantime - enjoy.

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