Tuesday, November 20, 2007

busy turkey day

since i'm about to run off for a weekend, i thought i would go ahead and do my thanksgiving post.

i still feel like crapola. oh wait. i'm not giving thanks for that. i don't believe it's flu anymore. i'm not sick enough. yet. i feel like i need to say yet...just in case i jinx myself. vet school has made me superstitious.

so my sister-in-law is getting married on saturday. this happens to coincide with the few and hallowed days of fall - football saturdays. we're playing our last game of the season, which will determine if we get into the championship game. and i don't get to watch it. i'm so, so sad. don't get me wrong, i love weddings. especially when i get to wear a beautiful dress, have my hair done, dance, and look pretty. but saturday during the fall is a sacred time dammit. it's going to be hard to be discreet with a radio plugged into my ear from 1:30 until 5. especially since the wedding starts at 4:30. maybe i can just wear the earpiece in my left ear, that way the guests won't notice.

so, the wedding is an all day affair - bridesmaid breakfast in the morning, hair in the late morning, other stuff up until 4:30. and it's a baptist wedding. we all know what that means - lots of SOBER people NOT dancing. actually, there is dancing. just no alcohol. and all white people. *sigh* i'm not a drunk (despite my kitten/vomit story), but i really do enjoy alcohol at a wedding. it makes them all the more fun. sooooo....friday evening will be spent doing the traditional rehearsal dinner stuff. it leaves me some time on the actual turkey day to see my other, blood, extended family. most of the relatives from florida are coming up to visit. i can't complain about having actual time off from school and not being on call for emergency anesthesia, especially since i was on call july 4th when the family was here (for surgery). but...i won't have too much spare time to spend.

it's going to be a very, very busy 4 days. and i only have 1 week left on anesthesia. hard to believe that another rotation is almost finished. i have the following left: equine and farm animal med (1 month), radiology/pathology part II (1 month), avian/exotics and externship (1 month), small animal med/oncology (1 month), and equine surgery/overnight critical care (1 month). that means i have 5 months of my senior year left. it's going by really, really fast. as i might have mentioned.

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