Sunday, February 25, 2007

taking a moment to blog

about something not embarrassing. epi is eating on her own, by the way. strictly soft foods, but i'm just thankful i don't have to tube feed her. i think she thinks she's died and gone to birdie heaven. she gets applesauce, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, and softened raisin bran or cheerios. she's probably having a little birdie-gasm over the smorgasbord as we speak.

i finished the first draft of my surgery paper. it will be published in veterinary medicine, provided it doesn't suck horribly. i think i did a good job. it's hard to tell, considering i've never actually performed the surgery i profess to know so much about (that will change after tomorrow, when i actually get to do it). i'm a little apprehensive of dr t's critique. i'm normally quite confident in my writing skills. however, writing a 'how to' on scrotal urethrostomy is a bit of a new venture for me. i guess we'll see. now to studying surgical techniques for tomorrow's lab.

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