Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i have to be up in 4.5 hours

and i'm blogging. oh well. i usually start a post with some direction in mind, generally something that is either interesting or that is niggling at me. or maybe just to update my 3 readers on my grades and current veterinary student status. such is not the case this morning. i'm just blogging because i'm not quite ready to go to bed. i've spent the last 9 hours reviewing oncology (with an hour break for dinner). i didn't realize how much material we'd covered since school started. but considering we've been in school for almost 2 months, and this is our first oncology test, i should have realized it would be a lot of information. ah well. it took me 2 hours longer to finish than i thought. i was aiming for midnight...

in exciting gastrointestinal news, i think i have an ulcer. i'm self-diagnosing, of course. who needs a doctor? i even know the modality of therapy that is commonly used (in animals AND people), so i can treat myself empirically, if i so choose. except for prescribing drugs, i can't do that yet. i have to wait another year and 2 months. if anyone is interested, ulcers are generally related to the helicobacter bacteria that colonizes the stomach. thus, treatment is three-pronged - an antibiotic (generally amoxicillin - a gram positive, cheapo beta-lactam) for the bacterial component, a bismuth type drug to coat the stomach, and an h2 (histamine) blocker like ranitidine or famotidine. fascinating, eh? if you ever think you have an ulcer, now you know how treat it.

of course, given the rocky and generally poor medical history of our class, i probably have something much worse - like gastric adenocarcinoma or diffuse inflammatory bowel disease of some sort...but i'm trying to be optimistic. that and i'm avoiding the doctor assiduously.

see how random blogs are? i had no intent to discuss my GI issues. but oh well. that's what happens...

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