Monday, February 26, 2007

my new theory

is that it doesn't matter how much or how little i study. my grades will remain about the same. i was woefully under-prepared for my large animal ortho exam about a week ago (relative to my normal - read - last semester/2nd and 1st year - preparedness). granted, i went to the majority of the lectures and actually listened. yes, yours truly attended lecture and paid attention. i prepared for the test only 3 days beforehand (as opposed to last semesters minimum of 5 days with at least 2 complete passes through the material) - and i made a 94. same with the first derm exam. 3 days max prep with class attendance and attentiveness. maybe i should blow off studying all together - see what happens??

i'm up to my ears in extracurricular crap. running AWE and spearheading the exotics committee for open house hasn't been as much fun as i thought it would be. but it's significantly more work. for instance, this week i have a meeting every day except friday, it seems (including tonight). and of course class is 8-4 or 5 everday. so i'm not getting home till 6ish. why why why why do i volunteer my services for these things?? **Sigh** that's right, i'm a masochistic idiot. i tend to forget.
add to this stuff my soft tissue surgery paper (which i have finished the first draft of and submitted to dr T as of today) and my advanced imaging paper (which i haven't started)....and you can see why my 'to-do list' is several post-its long.

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