Wednesday, December 13, 2006

haven't blogged in 8 days. or is it 3?

see, i thought today was december 8th. i don't know why. time has somehow side-slipped me. AGAIN. finding out it was the 12th was quite a shock. yes, it's finals week. i have finished my radiology exam (friday), respiratory exam (monday), and reproductive medicine (today). the 3 Rs. i have two more to go- exotics in 8.5 hours and behavior on thursday. and then it's over. cardio was a couple of weeks ago, ultrasound didn't have a final. woohoo.

i've had a great deal of personal drama and emotional upset in the past few days. i'll only hint at why here. nope, i won't even do that. it's so strange to keep a blog. there's a whole part of my life in the past 6 months that i have said virtually nothing about here - in the place where i'll pour out most anything. mainly because it's deeply, deeply personal, something not appropriate to a published public forum. not even MY forum. and people thought i would spill everything on my blog, eh? suffice to say that the day before my radiology exam, i drank 5 cups of dark roast coffee, BLACK. i'd never had more than a sip of coffee prior to that. it was an interesting experience up until the point i started to jitter all over the place and slur my speech.

my car mysteriously died and refused to restart on the way to my final exam this morning. always a good way to start a long day of studying and test taking. i've spent the last 5 days or so in the library until midnight. i take a final, finish around 11am, take a break till about noon, then hole up there until midnight. but my cut off for studying has been midnight this semester. i made myself a promise. so far, i've adhered to it admirably. it was a struggle to spell admirably just then.

i think it's time for beddie-bye.

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