Saturday, March 4, 2006

the fountainhead and objectivism

well, i finally dove into rand's 'the fountainhead'. i've heard about how good it is from every single person that's ever read it for the last oh -- 10 years. i'd tried to start it several times in the past, but i was never 'ready' for the book. i picked it up about 3 nights ago and now i'm sucked in totally. i just finished the first section (peter keating), and it was riveting.

the book has a grip on me, and it won't let go. i always read before i go to sleep - because it helps me unwind mentally, and it keeps me sane, and i hate not reading just because school is in session! it's been keeping me up too late, though. 2 and 3 in the morning. not that my insomnia doesn't do that anway. but whatever.

interestingly, the fountainhead was the 2nd book on the MLA reader chosen top 100 books of all time. all 4 of her biggest books (we the living, atlas shrugged, anthem, and the fountainhead) were in the top 10 reader chosen books. NONE of her books appeared anywhere in the MLA's top 100. i thought it an odd oversight. but ... alas ... i'm sure all of the MLA board are liberals and hated rand's philosophies. that list of books sparked a big controversy regarding both racism and sexism. if you're interested, the link:

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