Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well, it's been a week again. My apologies. It's been a big week for us though! After 7 years of very diligent work, my poor, work-beleaguered husband has finished his PhD. He is now Doctor Homeless Parrot. He defended his thesis last week. I attended, and I must say that he did a brilliant job. He made complicated, pure mathematics almost - ALMOST - comprehensible to even me. His advisor commented to me that it was the best thesis presentation he'd attended (and he's seen many).

Afterwards, we had a party to celebrate my husband's triumph. It was a great gathering of friends and family, and it went according to my plans smashingly. He then followed it up with some much needed whitewater kayaking, then Easter dinner with my family.

We arrived home Monday to find that my very old SUV needed YET AGAIN, about 1k in repairs. Seeing as how it is 14 years old with 215,000 miles on it, and we just spent $1600 getting it repaired 6 months ago we decided it was time to let it die.

Thus, we are now owners of a 2008 Honda Odyssey. I have officially joined the mom cult. I have a Mininvan! I won't lie, I love it.

In baby news, we have 2 teeth busting through and a fussing girl to show for it. She still manages to be the sweetest baby on earth though. Motherhood continues to be amazing. Exhausting, frustrating, but utterly amazing.

With that, I will leave you. I started back to work tonight after my typical 9 day hiatus, so veterinary stories will be coming.


foffmom said...

I drove a minivan for 17 years (3 different ones) and loved it! Those status craving idiots can have their SUVs! I could get 25 bales of shavings in my van. I could haul 8 flats of pansies and 8 bags of compost and plant food! I loved it! And it was roomy for travel, great for packing kid stuff and kids. I just wish the floors had come with a drain and could be hosed out. Carpet in those things is stupid.Get some tough high quality mats and obsessively mat the floor now. Before the first upchuck or spilled milkshake.

Holly said...

A very hearty congratulations to Mr. Dr. Homeless Parrot! My son has his undergrad degree in Mathematics and I know how difficult that was so I am totally impressed with your husbands advanced accomplishment.

Mary said...

Congrats to Dr. Homeless Parrot! Having just come out the other side two days ago myself, I can relate that it is the BEST feeling ever. What an accomplishment and I'm sure he feels even better knowing he had not just a passable defense, but an outstanding one.