Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New blogger is buggy. There are no spaces in my first post with new blogger (see below). Hopefully this will be fixed soon. In the meantime, sorry for the difficult reading.


Ruth said...

Check your settings for how Blogger registers a paragraph break. Its on the page where you type posts, in the "extra settings" or some such (Its been just long enough since I last posted on Blogger...). They periodically do something that resets it to the default of needing actual code instead of just an enter hit.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hey, if you are still having trouble, just use
at the end of your line. It's the HTML for a line break. Until Blogger fixes this, we'll have to do it manually. That's okay with me. I enjoy using their free service.

Thanks for posting this because Ruth's comment got me to thinking I should try to find the HTML code for a line break.

And in case this comment reads the HTML as a break and doesn't show you, it is

First type < then type b then type r then type a space then type / then type >