Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts on the future

My long term plans have been on my mind a great deal lately. As my husband approaches the end of his PhD after many years of work, it looks like we will both be gainfully employed at the same time. What a novel idea! After 12 years of marriage and nearly 20 years of advanced education combined. It's hard to believe it's really going to happen.

With this development, we've really been trying to figure out where we're going and what we're doing. I have a great job here. It's stable, pays well, has good benefits, and for the most part, the kinks are worked out with employees and whatnot. We own a house that I have decorated and that we really like. The real estate market is also terrible. Overall, I am happy. It's not close enough to family, and the area is not gorgeous like other parts of NC, but since Evaline was born, we have seen family continuously. Thus, we know it is possible, despite the 3.5 hour distance.

Unfortunately, options for my husband are very limited. He wants to teach at a small private college. He also wants to live somewhere that is closer to home and more naturally beautiful. Kayaking and spending time out of doors are very important to him, and there just isn't much in the way of that in this part of the state. This part of NC lacks the beauty of the farther west areas. Ideally, we would wind up in Asheville or that part of the state. The problem? Finding a job for me.

The veterinary field is in turmoil, jobs are few and far between. Further, I want to do emergency work. GP just isn't an area of interest for me. I fear boredom! Also, I love ER medicine and feel that this is where I should be. I'm afforded long blocks of time off which I can spend with my family. Most GPs I know work as much or more than I do.

So, my mind is constantly turning to where we'll be in 6 months. I can honestly say that I don't know the answer to that. Whatever happens, I know that my husband is ready to start his career, and I am ready to settle somewhere and not move again for many, many years. We've Been here for 3 years this July, and I have truly loved the feeling of being "settled." Wherever we wind up next, it's going to be a long-term move! It's really exciting, because despite the fact that we have a child now and a "real" life, these changes make it real. We're going to settle somewhere and stay!

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foffmom said...

I love Asheville, and husband and I were considering retiring there, until we looked at the cost of land (horses in our family). Everyone wants to retire there, so land is expensive. But it is so perfect! I get frustrated that other cities don't follow the Asheville example, no chain restaurants, local businesses, this is charming. Having the 15th chain of McDs, Pizza Hut, Lowes, Walmart, all in a row not so charming. You are in a great stage of life. And you know, we all fear making the "wrong" choice, but you can move if you are unhappy after a choice of geography. Wrong choice of spouse or career is harder to correct.