Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're all still alive!

Being a new mom is exhausting, I'm not going to lie. Our daughter is going through a high need stage right now; she needs to be held constantly. She won't even sleep unless she is being held by me or beside me in the bed. The other option is being carried by my husband in our Moby wrap.

T minus 20 days until I return to work. I have some apprehensions about it, I won't lie. Thankfully, my husband will be home for the next few months. Hopefully that will make this transition easier. We shall see. Pumping breast milk at work is going to be interesting - given that my job is a lot of feast or famine.

In the meantime, I have Thanksgiving to look forward to - lots of family time with our new addition. The definite upside is that her grandparents always want to hold her, giving me a much needed break!


Lisa said...

We co-sleep with my son - as in, he sleeps between my husband and me on our queen bed. But when he was really little, I was afraid of my husband rolling over him. My friend gave me the advice to put him on a changing pad between us. We did that I slept on my side with my arm cradling him until he was 6 weeks old. Now he just sleeps between us on the bed and he's almost 3 months old. It has made my life so much easier though because he sleeps great knowing I'm beside him. And, you can sleep shirtless and will barely have to wake up with she nurses. My advice: do whatever you need to do so that everyone gets the most sleep and don't worry what anyone else has to say about it. Good luck!

The Homeless Parrot said...

Lisa, we've been cosleeping since night 1 in the hospital! She sleeps between me and the cosleeper attached to the bed. So far, we have been unsuccessful at getting her to sleep IN the cosleeper. It's great for nursing at night. The biggest problem is that when I go back to working nights, she'll have to be int he cosleeper. I'm not comfortable with her in the bed with my husband (and neither is he), so we'll see!

Lisa said...

That's great! I know what you mean about not being as comfortable with your husband co-sleeping with her. They just aren't as aware. Maybe if she sleeps in the co sleeper and he just tries to keep his arm next to her? Should be interesting. She will be bigger by that time too so hopefully sleeping a little better through the night.

I don't know about you, but my husband never wakes up for the baby like I do. The baby starts making any kind of noise and I'm up. Baby has tO start seriously crying for my husband to wake up. What's up with that??? My friend said she was so frustrated one night she left the baby screaming next to husband in bed and left the room for five minutes and he never woke up! But, I'll bet of he knew he was in charge that he would have woken up. I'm sure everything will work out, just will be an adjustment.