Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last night, I worked relief at a local 24 hour referral and emergency center. I'll be doing the same tonight. It's good money, and it's a nice break to be working somewhere where I don't have to tell people to do stuff such as cleaning. I go, do my thing, and I come home. It's delightful. Also, since I'm not "the boss", I'm mucho laid back. I was told by almost every tech I worked with last night the following a) how fast I am for a relief vet (I did remind them that I do ER full-time) and b) how much they enjoyed working with me. It's a nice confidence booster.

I shall return tonight for more excitement, then my 3 weekend overnights at work (Fri/Sat/Sun), then 9 days of freedom before the Christmas push.


Holly said...

how wonderful! It's always good to see other, similar places.

Earlier this year another station in our troop had a horrible tragedy. People from all over our troop stepped up to the plate and helped them out. I worked one relief shift and it was so good for ME. I was glad to help, but in addition, it also reminded me of how grateful I am to work at the station I do and it also reminded me that I am skilled enough to step into a place I'm unfamiliar with.

Anonymous said...

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