Thursday, October 21, 2010

I told you so...

So, I did a good deed and yet again, it was proven to me (via my colleague) that doing good things for people only gives them a sense of entitlement.

Remember this woman?

She showed up at our clinic a few days ago with a sick puppy. She agreed to pay for a physical exam and xrays. The puppy had a fixable but not cheap medical problem. My colleague elected to take the puppy on as a Good Samaritan, because the problem WAS so fixable. At the front desk, the woman became belligerent because she didn't think she had to pay the bill RIGHT THEN. She thought we could bill her.

I know that's a lie because I spent several hours with this woman helping her find financial options, discussing our payment policy (pay up front or leave). I guess she figured since we did it once, we'd always do it. That's the problem with good deeds.


MTWaggin said...

Not the problem with the "deed" that's the problem with people with a sense of "entitlement"! You did the right thing and the woman is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of how I came to develop a rip-roaring case of compassion fatigue. This kind of behavior, which I've unfortunately seen regularly during my 10-year career in practice, is why I'm leaving clinical practice.

On some level, I don't really care what I do, career-wise, as long as I never have to deal with these entitled people ever again. I'd rather be a meat inspector, and I'm a vegetarian!

Karen W said...

And that's the problem with the world. Sad how one person can ruin it for others. I did a good deed for someone one, and he promised to pay later. Then he disappeared off the face of the earth - wouldn't answer his phone, put Return to Sender on the bills. So I (sadly) learned early on that no matter how sad the customer's sob story is, they still gotta pay up front.

Holly said...

My vet cut me a sizable chunk off one bill.

Know why?

Because I PAY HIM. On time, in full. If I had an emergency and it was warranted, I bet he'd take payments. But I would have to be in dire dire straights before I'd ask for that. My vet has to maintain a staff, an office, equipment and a drug supply. Why in all the worlds does that make him have to pick up after the Iwannitrightnow people?