Friday, July 30, 2010

Teaser trailer

3 months...and YES, I am counting down.

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Eyehaightewe Gofuqurcelph said...

If you plan on getting to Hanauma bay, go early. Like WAAAAY early.

Its run by the Hari Krishna's and if you get there 15 minutes after they open, you end up walking around a mile or so after parking off the high way just to get to the parking lot of the place. Busy busy busy.

If you want somewhere that isn't so busy, that is just as beautiful (minus the finger-eating, horribly aggressive fish in Hanauma bay) go to Kailua/Lanikai beach (East side of Oahu, south of Kaneohe bay). There are some awesome places to eat (get the shaved ice! It is lovely!), and a swimsuit/kayak shop near the beach. I rented a kayak for 4 hours while I was there and paddled to Nā Mokulua.

Don't forget to hit up the Dole plantation or the North shore. It is so incredibly beautiful (north shore).