Thursday, June 24, 2010

I gone and dun it...

I'm reaching back to my East Tennessee roots for that title :)

I finally went ahead and found horses to lease. It's a great situation - 2 horses: a quarter horse named Fish and a thoroughbred named Kit - at my disposal. They are stabled about 20 miles from my house, in the country. I have access to a very nice, large riding ring, complete with jumps, as well as a pasture. Additionally, the woman with whom I'll ride trailers the horses every weekend to trail ride. All of this for $250/month. I'm pretty excited. I've been out 3 times this week. Both horses are great, both are extremely well-trained - in hunter/jumper, dressage, foxhunting, Western, the whole nine yards. I'll ride them predominantly hunter/jumper. Showing isn't out of the question. I'm thrilled to finally be getting back into my hobbies! It only took me a year past my internship to get a life again!

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Mary said...

I know pretty much nothing about horses, but have always admired them from afar. I am excited for you that you get to do this again!

Quite a few people that I know from parrot rescue (usually macaw people) also have horses. I've always wondered if there is some sort of similarity between them (parrots & horses) that attracts the same kind of person?

Enough rambling...congratulations!