Monday, January 11, 2010

Sloth: habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness.

Please tell me that others have become as sloth-like as I have? This cold weather makes me reluctant to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I spend most of my time curled up in my favorite armchair in front of the fire, reading. The rest of my time is spent watching movies and TV (I've seen the whole, extended version set of Lord of the Rings already) or sleeping. I feel positively lazy. Also, for whatever reason, I cannot get back on a "normal" sleep schedule this time around. I can't figure out why, but my sleep is completely screwed up. Perhaps because I stay home all day? I did venture out last Thursday and meet the local book club at our AMC 24 to see a screening of the Lovely Bones. I met some very nice people and look forward to being a member of a book club, now. I've also been in contact with the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I want to volunteer with them, now that I have the time. My husband has had a little since I was in vet school, and he really enjoys it. Lastly, I'm going to sign up for a Spanish class that begins in late January. So, I'm not exactly idle...just this week.

I've delved into the Lord of the Rings books again. This will mark my 3rd time reading them. They're so good, and so detailed, that I feel multiple reads are necessary to fully absorb Tolkein's world.

That about sums up this week. I'm looking forward to NAVC this week enormously! It will certainly keep me busy, and my slothliness (is that a word?) will come to an end.


Hermit Thrush said...

I think it is slothfulness. Sounds lovely. Enjoy.

Spanish is something I really want to learn, have taken some but would love to be fluent, and would be useful for work.

Having time to do volunteer stuff would be nice too. Actually I'm one of the only first years going to the Cornell-run low-income clinic Wednesday night (our final is Thurs morn). I consider it a moral obligation to give back to the community, and I'm not a last minute crammer so hopefully it will work out ok.

So you don't like skin either? It sounds like you've found your calling as an emergency vet. You have the important characteristics:)

Lots of vets I worked with relied on small amounts of Benadryl to get back onto some kind of similar schedule with their spouses and the rest of the world.

The Homeless Parrot said...

I do not consider it a moral obligation - exactly - but I do feel very strongly that I have an absurd amount of wealth (material and otherwise) in my life. It makes me want to offer something to those less fortunate than myself.

Benadryl is my go-to drug for getting back on a regular sleep schedule, however - there is something else afoot here. Usually, I can get back on a regular-ish schedule by my 2nd night off. This time, I'm all over the map. I also have some head-stuffiness/headachy/sneeziness going on, so I think I might be low grade sick...and that's contributing to my desire to sleep 24/7.

A few ER vets I know swear by melatonin for sleep - which was new to me. Ever tried it?

Hermit Thrush said...

Never tried melatonin. I've had some friends who traveled across time zones a lot and used it occasionally and thought it worked great. I seem to remember that it can work to help reset your body clock but that repeated use can be problematic (I think you build a tolerance if you use it too frequently). Might be worth a try as a one time thing every now and then.

I tend to go for benadryl, face masks, and a betime routine of steamed milk or chamomille tea with honey. Both chamomille and valerian depress your respiratory rate and so are soporific. (Valerian is like nyquil for me, a hit over the head type puts me out).

Yes, moral obligation is strong language. Funny thing is, it's hardly all altruistic. I get more out of being a student clinician and feeling good about what I did than I can say. Makes my week usually.

Mary said...

I've been calling it a case of the blahs. And I'm very much affected!

I've been sleeping unreasonable hours, getting into work late (which is OK at my current job), pushing my exercise to the evening because I can't get out of bed in the morning.

Last Sunday I didn't leave my house at all and it was wonderful. I need spring to get here soon because I am becoming a major lazo!

The Homeless Parrot said...

At least you ARE exercising!

Beloved Parrot said...

Slothfulness is an art form!

You mind if I add your blog to my Beloved Parrot "Friends" list?