Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm so excited.

After tomorrow night, I have 17 blissful days off work. YES - SEVENTEEN. I am attending the annual North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando from Jan 16-20. The week prior to that (starting Monday) is my 9 day off stretch. In the interest of not screwing up our carefully organized schedule, I still get my 9 days off, followed by the conference. I'll be staying at my grandparents house about 45 minutes from Orlando. Even better, I'm going with my 2 best friends from vet school. I'm really, really excited to have a big break from work. It won't be good for money making, but at this precise point, I honestly don't care!


Hermit Thrush said...

I really, really wanted to go but won't make it this year. I would have loved to meet you. I suppose that just looking for a name tag with Homeless Parrot wouldn't have worked though.

Btw, when I visit my family I go to Durham, NC, which as far as I can tell is not near where you practice. Too bad.

Enjoy the time off and the conference.

Andrew Carr said...

Sounds like fun. Nerd. Call me at work, I know you arent working, my cell is dead. 283 5760. I just finished watching " the road " w/ vigo. It was 80% like the book. There is a good leak of a dvd screener. seeyah, let me know your flight number so that I can keep tabs on you