Tuesday, June 17, 2008

psychosomatically ill

i feel queasy. last night, i didn't want my dinner. i only ate half of my homemade turkey breast salad with macaroni and nuts before i threw the rest down the garbage disposal. today, i cooked tuna melts and fries. and i couldn't eat a whole (small) sandwich. my entire GI tract feels loose and watery. it's been 2.5 months since i did any small animal medicine. and tonight - oh tonight - i'm on emergency medicine.

ugh. and i dreamt of tornadoes the other night. when i was younger, i had a deathly fear of tornadoes (we were in one when i was 8 or so). i've somewhat overcome that fear, although storms still frighten me more than the average person. at any rate, whenever i'm truly worried about something - i dream of tornadoes. the proximity of the tornado is always directly proportional to how close the worrisome event is. in my dream on sunday, the tornado was right on top of me.

**blech** i need to vomit.

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