Tuesday, June 3, 2008

cake makes you fat. who knew?

i.................................hate..............................packing. my apologies for the largely incoherent post to follow.

i was fairly useless/unproductive yesterday. first day of my period. and we all know full well what that means. lots of sleeping and popping pills q 6 hours. (q = every - it's a medical abbreviation). i don't know how i'm going to be expected to function in the real world when the first day is always so awful. it's not just the cramps and non-stop heavy bleeding - it's the weird exhaustion and hormonal fog that descends over me. i truly cannot think clearly. and i fall asleep at the drop of the hat, even if well-rested. in vet school, i could skip class- no big deal. in clinics, if it was bad enough, i took the day off. i'm useless when it's like this. but in the real world.....how can i function??

anyway, i wasn't totally useless. i called the electrical co. (both of them), got our cable internet service set up, added the mercedes to the insurance, that sort of thing. i even did a little packing. but today, i've been much, much more productive. i'm sitting in the (mostly) barren study right now. besides my husband's desk/computer and my small table/computer, the room is empty. i took apart my desk today and moved all the bookshelves out into the dining room for easy loading.

we're picking up the uhaul on friday morning. saturday, we will head to chatty with alison, dee, and my brother. and then we're gone from here. it makes me sad and excited all at once. i love this area of tennessee. i've lived here for the past 7.5 years. the majority of my married life. i'm comfortable here. i know all the good places to eat, all the good music venues, the fun clubs, the good bookstores. and now i'm heading to a totally new town where i know nothing. on the bright side, one of my classmates that i actually like a great deal is doing the internship with me - i kind of got her a position there. there are also quite a few of my classmates moving to chatty - so i suppose i'll know some people.

just a sidenote: cake makes you fat. since i've been cooking fiendishly, i've also been making cakes. vanilla with chocolate icing, chocolate with vanilla icing, red velvet with cream cheese icing. jim and i were near a scale the other day - and we've both gained about 10 lbs. it's ridiculous. there's a moratorium on cake around here. but not ice cream. never ice cream.

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