Sunday, April 20, 2008

my nights as a vampire

have come to an end. tomorrow morning heralds the start of my last 2 weeks as a veterinary student. equine surgery begins. we also get the new seniors (class of 2009). they start tomorrow at around 9:30. i expect them to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. the perfect foil to the frayed around the edges class of 2008.

14 days. i've been keeping this blog since 1st year - and here it is - the end of my veterinary schooling (for now at least).

i didn't mind the overnight rotation in the least other than never seeing the husband. i slept all day, worked all night. i've been generally depressed lately, so i think the schedule was conducive to submerging the depression. i was working or i was sleeping. there wasn't a whole lot of time to think about anything else.

speaking of working, our last night on ECC brought quite a nice surprise. we were sitting around waiting to do hourly treatments when the clinician informed us that 5 horses were on their way to us for emergency health certificates. there was much eye-rolling and huffing at the thought of an "emergency health certificate" until the clinician informed us that the horses we were going to see were the "world famous" lipizzaner stallions. i almost fell out of my chair. i knew they were in town for an exhibition...but now - now i was going to get to touch not 1 of these magnificent horses - but 5!! i have pictures, but i left them on the computer at school - so i'll have to post those later. needless to say, they were impressive.

otherwise, life proceeds at a normal pace. i'm wondering how difficult the transition from being awake 14 hours all night to being awake 14 hours all day is going to be. we'll see...

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