Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it's not that bad.

you're probably thinking "hold the phone! what??"

yes, i might have mentioned my general abhorrence of the barn and all things barn-related...however i'm on with one of my closest friends in the class. it was originally supposed to be just the two of us - but that's kind of insane - so they switched another classmate onto our rotation. and she happens to be someone with whom i've been on 6 other rotations. we get along well. it's not been busy either. the barn is steady - about half full on equine and the farm animal side. we had one emergency last night and one the first night. other than that - we do hourly treatments and that's it. in between hourlies - we watch movies and study. last night, it was radiology night, so we studied radiology cases on the veterinary radiology site i found. we watched 'the descent' the first night - which kept us all entertained. my rotation-mates because they hadn't seen it and me because i kept laughing every time they jumped out of their seats and screamed. since horror movies do well to keep us all alert, we watched "from hell' last night - which isn't as good as i remembered it being. in the theme of johnny depp and gore, i feel i will rent 'sweeney todd' (yay!!) on the way to school tonight.

the up all night thing doesn't bother me in the slightest now that i'm sort of on the right schedule. the only thing it throws off is my eating habits. my days are essentially reversed, but i'm not sure how to eat at appropriate hours. so i wind up eating once in 16 hours. it's weird, but i suppose i'll grow accustomed to it shortly. maybe i'll lose some it's good practice for working emergency on my internship in 2.5 months. the real bummer is that i've seen the husband for about a cumulative 30 minutes in the last 2 days. and it won't get any better because this is six days a week. i have sunday off thankfully. i'll probably spend most of it sleeping.

in other news: i've reached new levels of suckerdom (See picture). he's only 7 days old. his eyes aren't open yet. i'm calling him tuft because he's just a little tuft of kitten. i'm NOT keeping him. just like i didn't keep the last 4 cats/kittens that came through my house. i am merely fostering him until he's old enough to find a home.

25 more days.

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