Sunday, March 30, 2008

an exercise in boredom

i have absolutely nothing interesting about which to write, unless you'd like to hear about my housecleaning today. i've been putting off laundry and bird-cage filth for god knows how long. i finally had to rectify that today. i was supposed to work ICU duty, but since there's a mere 1 patient in ICU, i am blissfully free for the rest of the day.

we watched - or rather we tried to watch - "dan in real life" on friday. it was hokey and sentimental, and we didn't make it through the entire film. "enchanted" - the cutesy disney flick - was our back-up plan. it had really funny moments, but overall - it was hokey and sentimental too. **sigh** i'm 0 for 2 on movies this weekend.

oncology kinda sucks. we're too busy to have rounds, so we never get to discuss our cases or chemotherapy regimens or anything really. so honestly, i've learned virtually nothing about cancer. so far the only bright side is that i've gotten to (somewhat) practice my physical exam skills and jugular sticks. that's about the extent of it. we have far too many patients between the 2 of us to actually learn anything.

only a week left before i venture back into the fluorescently lit dimness (not oxymoronic, as you might think) that is the barn/cave. i am trying so hard not to think about it. the only bright side is that i am on with one of my closer friends in the class. oh - and during the 3rd and 4th week (equine surgery), the new, gung-ho to be in clinics, chipper, bright-eyed 4th years (class of 2009) will be with us. thus - we can be *somewhat* slackers.

35 days more to go...

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