Saturday, March 10, 2012

And another ones goes by...

Another almost week has flown by me. I have excuses. My best friend from high school, who married my husband's brother, went into labor Wednesday night. At 12am, we jumped into the car and made the trip to Knoxville to be there when my new nephew joined the world. She, like me, is an avid believer in natural birth. This being her first, I wanted to be nearby to lend support as needed. Unbelievably, her labor lasted only 6 hours. Unfortunately, three of that was pushing, and all of it was enormously painful back labor. She did amazingly though and was successful in her quest to bring her baby into the world the safest way possible. He is tiny and adorable. He weighed 7lb 15oz. I was utterly shocked at how tiny he seemed. Ms Evaline is weighing in around 15-16 pounds, all of it adorable baby chunk. At 5.5 months, I cannot believe she was ever that small. It makes me sad that she is already growing so fast!

The trip was very short, as I had just Wed and Thurs off. Tonight, I am back at work, nose to the grindstone. We've been busy with out share of cases tonight. Truthfully, I cannot wait for the weekend to end so that I can go back to Knoxville and help my best friend and BIL with the new addition.

Babies are so wonderful! I'm already crazy to have another!

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