Saturday, March 13, 2010

I must be crazy

Soooooo...since I've been married, I haven't owned a dog (going on 11 years now). I love my dog patients, and there are some breeds that I am particularly fond of. I love a pit bull. Granted, the breed has its issues, but I love them. I'm also a big fan of Dobermans.

We have one at work. She's been there for about a week. She was turned over to one of our technicians for terrible neglect (but not physical abuse - no beatings). She's malnourished, has malformed joints, but is absolutely sweet - and in time - she will be beautiful. Once her hair grows back from flea infestation, and she gains some weight, she will be a lovely Dobie.

Currently, her head is in my lap while I type this. She circumnavigates some of my concerns about dog ownership - she's not a puppy, she doesn't chew/tear up stuff, and she's already house-trained. Sure, I have more training to do - but the hard stuff is done for me. I also need to spay and pexy her. She's somewhat intimidating looking (being a Dobie) - which is a plus - because she's a big, big lap dog. So, when Jim is out of town, I will feel much, much more comfortable.

Ok, so this is strictly a trial. If she shows the slightest bit of too much interest in our other household denizens (namely the parrots), she goes back to work to await another home. For now, though, she resides with us.


ejh345 said...

Congratulations!!! I totally know the feeling, but she looks like she'll be a really wonderful dog for you!

Hermit Thrush said...

She's so thin that at first glance I thought you had adopted a greyhound. I read Dobie and thought, 'What!' You'll have to post another shot after she's filled out, please!

Elizabeth said...

Look at that adorable face ahhh..

Mary said...

She's beautiful! I really want a dog, but can't get one in our current house. Dobies are on our short list to consider, so I'm very interested to see how she'll do with the parrots.