Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Much better

The car situation is worked out, for the most part. We were able to sell it in about 2 hours on Craigslist. We got $1500 for it. Thanks to the generosity of a close family member, we are able to pay off the car in full and start back where we were 3 months ago - car-less. It's ok, though. The husband is working at home on his PhD dissertation anyway, and he doesn't need a car to get around.

It's the end of my 9 day stint away from work, so I'm diving back into the fray tonight. There will be more interesting stories to come, I'm sure. At some point, I'll have to talk about last Sunday and the ordeal...but not just yet.


Mary said...

I'm so happy to read this! I've been coming back here the past few days hoping for a happier entry. I'm so glad things ended up working out OK.

Anonymous said...

Having absolutely nothing to do with your car or your blog but... even though we have our (BIG!) differences, I absolutely miss getting new tunes from you. Yes, yes. Allow this to feed your musical ego (you know, the one that says you have the best musical taste of anyone you know? Yeah, I have the same thing) and pony up. I don't have many peeps around me that can contribute to my musical enhancement (weird, right? You'd think Denver would be teeming but... not so much.) Please go to and become a DJ so you can share your new musical finds with me and a gazillion others. Don't pretend this is a difficult choice, Cat. I know you too well - just do it! You can find me as Catfish Friend. Glad to hear you're doing so well. I did my first GDV sx a few weeks ago and practically shit my pants but the dog's alive and doing well so all's good. Love, Kandace

The Homeless Parrot said...

Way to stroke my musical ego...ok, I did it. I'll probably become horribly addicted to Wait, I think I already am!!