Sunday, May 6, 2007

i'm suffering from acute idiopathic polyradiculoneuritis

not really, else i'd be paralyzed and very unhappy. that syndrome is also known as coonhound paralysis. it's a disease of dogs (particularly coonhounds - surprising i know) that is caused by some unknown toxin in raccoon saliva. it causes a rapid ascending motor paralysis. the end result of this is that the animal is totally paralyzed - respiratory muscles included. if supported on a ventilator through the crisis, they can recover. it takes a while, though. i'm just hoping one doesn't come in this week, because i'm on neuro emergency duty from 12am-8am on friday night, and if there is a ventilator case, i get to sit with it and monitor everything for 8 hours straight. yeah. i'm serious.

i'm totally serious.

my final grades:
LA ortho: A
SA ortho: B
SA ultrasound: A
Adv Imaging: A
Derm: A
SA Soft Tissue Sx: A

still left to find out is oncology... not that it matters, but if it weren't for SA ortho, i would have made straight As. i was a little surprised, i thought i did poorly on LA ortho and went down to a B. i was never concerned about small animal ortho. oh well...

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