Tuesday, September 5, 2006

and what did you do today?

i rammed my arm into 8 different cow assholes.

sorry, that was rather indelicately phrased. let's say instead that i attended my reproduction medicine lab this afternoon. which involved - as i said - ramming my hand into the rectum of cattle and attempting to palpate the reproductive tract.

what that amounts to is getting cow poop ALL over you, including on your face. as well as massive amounts of KY jelly on oneself. i felt like an extra in the aliens trilogy (or quadrilogy or whatever).

so. yes, that's what i did with my day. that and 4 hours of class. a day well spent, i say.

did i mention that palpating cattle is the most disgusting feeling i've ever experienced? i could describe it, but i'll refrain.

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