Sunday, July 2, 2006

my first 5k

was a disappointment. it was unbearably hot and sticky. i got shin splints about a quarter of a mile into it, my feet and calves hurt, too. i just felt bad. not a 'peak' day for running. i finished, but my time was abysmal - 11.9 minute miles. i'd been down to 9ish min miles at the gym. but it's ok. there are plenty more races to run.

i don't do well in heat. i'm kinda a weenie that way.

overall, i'm very disappointed. i didn't feel good, my time was lousy, and i just wanted to quit at 1.5 miles. i've spent the last month and a half working toward this, and i felt like i was doing really well with my times and my stamina. but the heat and humidity just wiped me out today. i finished it though. so i guess that's saying something. i'm definitely going to run another one as soon as i can.

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